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I was a Crossover Hurricane....

(Sorry, had to do that. Apologies to the Rolling Stones ) On this page, you'll find the crossovers. A Crossover (or, xover) is a story which combines the settings and/or characters of two or more fandoms.

I LOVE them!!

There's a reason why they call me the Crossover Queen.

Among other things.

DISCLAIMER: The characters and settings of the television series and movies contained within the fanfiction stories archived here are the sole property of their respective owners and creators. No copyright infringement is intended. The fanfiction stories themselves and any original characters therein belong solely to the author, and may not be used or reproduced in any fashion without the author's permission. All other rights within the law belong to the author.

"Resurrections" --- (Babylon 5/Highlander) When Marcus Cole gave up his life to save his beloved Susan, he was not terribly surprised to awaken a few hours later. But now, he has to leave, in secret and quickly, but all he can think about is the past.... Part One of the Lifelines series.

"The Dead Past" --- (Highlander/The Sentinel) Blair must deal with the realization that one of his oldest friends might have become a criminal. Part One of a Trilogy.

"Fearful Symmetry" --- (Highlander/The Sentinel) The sequel to "The Dead Past". Scott Brunell, a.k.a. Methos, escapes from prison, leaving frightening clues in his wake. Will Jim discover his Guide's secret? Part Two of a Trilogy.

"Writer's Block" --- A pair of crazed girls rescues the Team, but Face has a debt to pay .... but it's to whom that's a surprise!

"Writer's Block 2" --- The MacGillivray sisters and the A-Team join forces to steal zillions of dollars worth in diamonds. Unfortunately, there's someone else -- and another sister -- waiting to join the fray...

"Slant" --- (A-Team/X-Files) In an effort to find the elusive A-Team, Agent Mulder questions Murdock at the V.A. Hospital, but finds himself questioned in return on the nature of truth, the pain of secrets, and the ties that bind them together.

"The Gauntlet" --- (Buffyverse/Harry Potter AU) Rupert Giles has been notified that Britain's wizarding world has decided to become involved in America's magical issues, notably the Hellmouth. To be blunt, the Ministry of Magic is sending a team of Aurors. Well, one, at any rate. Post-Voldemort. Challenge Response. Multiple pairings (Buffy/Ron, W/T, Rita Skeeter/Riley Finn, Harry/Hermione).

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