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Here you will find non-crossover fanfiction of a general nature. By this, I mean that these stories do not include serious violence, gross language, and/or adult themes.

DISCLAIMER: The characters and settings of the television series and movies contained within the fanfiction stories archived here are the sole property of their respective owners and creators. No copyright infringement is intended. The fanfiction stories themselves and any original characters therein belong solely to the author, and may not be used or reproduced in any fashion without the author's permission. All other rights within the law belong to the author.

"Have Faith, MacLeod" --- (Highlander) Methos gets in the spirit of Christmas and relives a few memories in the bargain.

"Eternity Weeps" --- (seaQuest) Miguel Ortiz and Wendy Smith have been found, but their world has changed so much since they've been gone. And one of their crewmates has just died....

"Hostage to Fortune" --- (A-Team) Face has left the Team, and run off to Maggie Sullivanís to hide. He fears what the others will say when they find out why he left, but the Team worries heís been kidnapped.

"The Second Coming" --- (seaQuest) The end of the world means different things to different people, and Lucas must come to realization about his own microcosm of a universe.

"Every Day" --- (Homicide: Life on the Street) On death row for Ryland's murder, Tim Bayliss must come to terms with his past, his present, and his future.

"Nothing Sacred" --- (The Young Riders) While Buck may have forgiven Cody for the sacrilege against his religion, he explains that he dared not make Cody perform the actual ritual because he feared Cody would not survive it. However, the spirits are less than impressed with this excuse, and have neither forgiven nor forgotten. Raven and Coyote take their revenge on the two boys Ė one a liar, and the other a thief Ė in a most peculiar fashion.

"As The Sea Churns" --- How might seaQuest have played out if the series, during its third season, had been written as a soap opera? A parody in nineteen episodes.

Episodes Zero through Six

Episodes Seven through Thirteen

Episodes Fourteen through Nineteen

"Up All Night" --- (Babylon 5) Possibly the real reason why the Human-Minbari War started. At the very least, either a very perceptive or a very twisted view of what happens on the station when we're not looking.

"I'm The Only One" --- (Babylon 5) Marcus tries to tell Susan how he feels, but just canít seem to get the words out. A songfic based on the song of the same name by Melissa Etheridge.

"Thunderbird Whine" --- (A-Team) Murdock wants to go on a trip to see the Thunderbirds, but Doctor Richter isnít too sure about letting him go. Basically a reflection piece from the docís point of view.

"Lead Pipe Cinch" --- (Sentinel) An episode for Cascade Virtual Times (Production Number CVT-614). When a real-to-life television series called "Trauma Room" decides to film at Cascade General, the camera sees the world through the eyes of hospital personnel as Detectives Ellison and Sandburg are hard at work. When danger comes to the hospital, however, the cameras get more than they bargained for. What are our favorite detectives working on, you ask? Well, it all started with vandalism of the mayor's wife's car...

"In Absentia" --- (Sentinel) An episode for Cascade Virtual Times (Production Number CVT-620). Nearly two years before, Garret Kincaid was captured along with several of his Sunrise Patriots after trying to take over a full stadium of people at a NBA game. The team on the case was Ellison and Sandburg. Now, the case is coming up for trial but everything has changed. How can Jim and Blair keep Kincaid behind bars when the Guide's truthfulness is in question?

"A Priori" --- (Sentinel) An episode for Cascade Virtual Times (Production Number CVT-706). It's a busy week for the Cascade PD, and all the detectives are hard at work. On top of their cases, Ellison and Sandburg have depositions to give and reports to write for the feds. The situation in Major Crime goes from bad to worse when Captain Simon Banks disappears without a trace. Or so it seems. Joseph Lacasse has returned for revenge, and it's a dangerous game of hide and seek ... for life and death stakes!

"What My True Love Gave To Me" --- (Sentinel) It's Christmastime in Cascade, and it's the Guide's turn to decorate the loft.... Warnings for extreme weirdness.

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