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Ooooh, looky! New links! Please let me know if a link is broken. I fix all the ones I can find, but if one's slipped by me.... Some of the links below contain slash -- not all of them are marked so wander carefully.

More to come. I promise.

The Fan Fiction Directory --- If you're looking for fanfic, no matter what fandom or leaning, you'll find it here. Without question, the first best starting point when hunting down that elusive fanfic for your fandom of choice.

The Lurker's Den --- a Babylon 5 webzine, filled with all kinds of good stuff. I've even got a couple things there under another name.

Athea's Slash Fanfic Page --- a multifandom slash fiction site, Athea is probably best known for her "War God" series, an ongoing exploration in the life of Ares and Joxer. This must be required reading for the slash lover.

Forever Knight Fan Fiction --- The largest Forever Knight fic archive that I'm aware of. Whatever vamp stirs your blood, you're sure to find some of his or her exploits here.

FireBlade Coffeehouse - Alexandre Dumas --- One of my favorite authors of all time is Alexandre Dumas and his stories of the Three Musketeers. One for all, and all for one!

The Gossamer Archive --- Anything and everything fanfic you could possibly want from the X-Files universe. The biggest I've ever seen.

Code Red! --- An Emergency! fanfic archive, specializing in hurt/comfort stories.

Bartlett's Quotations --- I'm a sucker for good quotations, especially when they're from poetry. A great site for the writer, when looking for just the right quote. --- An excellent place to find fanfic to read.

Sockii Press, unfortunately, has closed. She may, however, have agented her zines elsewhere; I'm not certain, but I will try to find out. One place you may wish to check is Agent With Style. They seem to have everything else for almost every fandom, with a HUGE listing of zines.

Heliopolis --- The Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Archive. For gen stories. They do have a link to the Adult/Het Section.

The MacGyver Slash Home Page --- Home of the MacSlash list. Contains primarily MacGyver/Murdoc pairings, but accepts anything slash so long as everyone's favorite troubleshooter is in on the action.

The Star Wars Fan Fiction Library --- An archive covering the saga from the Rebel Years to the New Republic. Neatly catagorized so you find just what you're looking for.

The Poetry Archives --- A terrific site for finding the poems you need.

Encyclopedia Mythica --- Can't quite remember how that Greek myth goes? Or maybe it's an Aztec legend slipping your mind? Get reminded here. Another place you could spend forever and not notice.

Schism --- A Homicide: Life on the Streets Fanfiction Archive. They say they've caused a reformation in that universe. They're not kidding, either.

The Xander Zone --- So you really love Xander Harris, huh? Try this archive. It's full of WIPs, though, so wander carefully. It can be very frustrating.

Seventh Dimension --- A Highlander fanfic archive. Huge. A girl could spend a good century or two there.

The Cascade Hospital --- A writer's helpguide for medical and hospital scenes. Although designed with Senfen in mind, it's good medicine for writers in all fandoms.

Internet Public Library -- Shakespeare Bookshelf --- Okay, I admit it. I love the Bard. Intrigue, sex, violence. What's not to love?

Writer's Block --- A seaQuest fanfic archive. She also writes Stargate SG-1. This is my padawan's website, people, so expect good things from her! You'll get them. The Master has spoken.

11 Cents --- A Homicide: Life on the Streets Fanfiction Archive. Loads of good stuff to be found here.

The Alpha Gate Archive --- For Stargate SG-1, this is a rapidly growing fanfic archive. They even have their own "Meridian" fix-it archive.

The AJCS Archive --- Specifically for lovers of Ares, Joxer, Cupid, and Strife. Terrific Xenaverse fic from terrific authors.

Thanks to Laura Jacquez Valentine for the banner

The Darkness Within --- If you're a fan of darkfic like I am, then head for this site immediately. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Filled with darkfic from a variety of different fandoms and authors, this site will keep you busy for days.

852 Prospect --- The source for Sentinel slash fanfic on the web. Huge. You may never leave.

Twisting the Hellmouth --- If you're looking for a Buffyverse crossover with that particular show or book, this is the place to check. A huge archive, updated every day, slash-friendly. Be sure to watch the warnings and the sections.

Henneth Annun --- A large archive for Lord of the Rings and the rest of Tolkien's universe. Very high quality fic. Definitely worth checking out.

Delightfully Dead --- A deathfic archive for the Buffyverse's Xander Harris. As their own site says, this is where the dead Xanders reside.

I know you'll find them fascinating as well.

So, ride...

Or fly...

Or whatever other mode of transportation you prefer.

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